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App Mockup Notebook


Phone/Tablet/Watch Grids with extended screen, usecases, thumbnail sketching & flowcharts.

We all love the idea of grids for paperbased prototyping, but does it really have to be that sloppy? Single sheets get lost, you will likely meet with your client bringing crumpled paper and,  it simply doesn’t feel pro – sitting in your favourite hipster-pub with a pile of paper?

Check the gallery and read the full description below – get a book that is lovingly thought through, just what you need.

Take your prototyping for universal apps to the next level. With a real book. You will love it.

Classic CurryClassic BlackClassic CementMulberry SorbetMademoiselleMarie AntoinetteMoby DickBlue PebbleIce GlowNorwegian WoodsGrass Ain't GreenerMinty Mint


Tired of handling single sheets of paper in self print quality? Does it really have to be that sloppy?

Check the gallery – get a book that is lovingly thought through, just what you need:

Smartphone/Tablet/Smartwatch Mocks with
extended screen
space to define usecases
extremely cool thumbnail sketching & flowcharts

Take your prototyping for universal apps to the next level. With a real book. The Notebook Apps Universal – you will love it.

Note: We will work on books for other watch types once the market-share shows the way.

Philosophy (ars scribendi)

Writing and sketching,
• enables you to seperate concept from details.
• helps you untangle the messiness and concentrate on the big picture.
• makes you think more deeply, seeing things more clearly.
• helps us achieve new perspectives.
• is the best way to organize our thoughts.
is way faster than handling an app, face it.

Only a real book, made of paper,
• provides the haptic that you just can’t re-create on a smartphone or tablet.
• promotes interactivity and communication because you can feel it.
• The key is to capture as many thoughts as possible, and to spend as little time as possible organizing them.
That’s why we created our books.

Additional information

Weight 0.56 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 23.5 × 1.3 cm

Classic Curry, Classic Black, Classic Cement, Mulberry Sorbet, Mademoiselle, Marie Antoinette, Moby Dick, Blue Pebble, Ice Glow, Norwegian Woods, Grass Ain't Greener, Minty Mint

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