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You can not only order our smart notebooks in our online store, you can also get to know them at our retail partners. Discover them live and up close in our local partner stores. Sometimes you just have to touch, flip through and experience our lovingly crafted books.

Shops in Vienna.


We are very proud that the traditional company boesner has included our smart notebooks in their assortment. Discover them in the Vienna sales office.

herzilein papeterie.

Herzilein-Papeterie is a modern concept store, which focuses on paper and leather goods, packaging, greeting cards and gifts. An insider tip for all those who are looking for something special with lovely details.

Shops in Spain.

Land of paper.

LAND OF PAPER is an online store for notebooks, and other related items, which seeks a taste for detail, the strong personality that everything made by hand has where you will find the perfect medium to relate in your own handwriting the adventures that they happen spontaneously, those adventures that cannot wait to be told in front of a computer.

Writing and sketching,

  •  enables you to seperate concept from details
  •  helps you untangle the messiness and concentrate on the big picture
  •  makes you think more deeply, seeing things more clearly

  •  is the best way to organize your thoughts

  •  is way faster than handling an app, face it.

Only a real book, made of paper,

  • provides the haptic that you just can’t re-create on a smartphone or tablet

  • promotes interactivity and communication because you can feel it

  • supports you to capture as many thoughts as possible, while…

  • …spending as little time as possible organizing them.