That’s how we
started it all.

There are still some copies left.
When we first developed our books, the covers looked different. Hardcover, expensive and production was drop-dead complicated.
There are some samples left, some still in all 12 colours, get them at a reduced price a.s.a.p. – find them below.

Looking for a custom notebook? There's a book for that. COVER MANIA. Layout chosen - now comes the hard part. Please find all notebook cover options we currently offer below – and, come back or subscribe to the newsletter -we’re releasing new cover designs on a regular basis!

Writing and sketching,

  •  enables you to seperate concept from details
  •  helps you untangle the messiness and concentrate on the big picture
  •  makes you think more deeply, seeing things more clearly

  •  is the best way to organize your thoughts

  •  is way faster than handling an app, face it.

Only a real book, made of paper,

  • provides the haptic that you just can’t re-create on a smartphone or tablet

  • promotes interactivity and communication because you can feel it

  • supports you to capture as many thoughts as possible, while…

  • …spending as little time as possible organizing them.