Beautiful, practical
and lovingly

The idea.
​While there is no shortage of notebooks in every color, size and cover material imaginable, most of them ignore the content pages, the stationary.
We came up with the idea to design the “grid” for you – perfectly thought through, fitting the needs of your life, your profession or your passion.
In a nutshell – we designed the structure so you can focus on what really matters – the content, your content.


We talked to people what they want, what they need.
We’re working with professionals of the given fields to ensure to include the stuff that really matters, from designing to family coordination, from managing ideas to managing lists.

It took us a year to design all stationary that made it into the launch list – with a lot of ideas to follow soon.

the layouts!

After months of testing and reviewing we slowly finished the grids, one after the other.

We designed books covering:
Agendas, Applications, Apps, Artists, Brainstorming, Business, Calendar, Children, Creatives, Creative Industries, Day Planning, Design, Developing, Device, Drafting, Drawing, Family Business, Film, Fun, Gear, Geeks/Nerds, Grid, Hobby, Household, Illustration, Improvement, ISO, Job, Journal, Kids, Leisure, Listmaking, Makeup, Memos, Mumlife, Music, Notetaking, Obsessions, Office, Organisation, Photography, Planning, Projects, Schedules, School, Screendesign, Scribbles, Self-Management, Sketch, Smartphone, Smartwatch, Startup-Tools, Structure, Tablet, Timetable, ToDo, Tools, & Work..

+ we have a bunch of new ideas, coming soon.

& quality.

Think of it as an iPad, at least in size.
Height 9.4 inches (24cm) Width 6.6 inches (16,7cm)

The Block is made of uncoated white high quality offset-paper, with a good weight of 120g/m (around 82lbs). You can write and scribble on it with close to every drawing tool you like.

All books feature a visible thread stitched binding (singer sewn binding to be correct).
One of the main practical advantages is that the books open flat all the time. Also, the pages are very secure because they have got stitches down the centre.

Each book brings a custom table of contents and a wonderfully fitting Kraft-Paper Cover.

About us.

We’re a team of passionate designers & marketing-problem-solvers that care about building quality products that people love to use.
Coming from a variety of backgrounds, we all have a strong understanding of craftsmanship and quality in design-thinking.
We’re proud to say that this might be the most sophisticated (as in well thought-out) job we accomplished so far.