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​This book is specially designed with the need of bloggers in mind. Whatever blargon you speak, this notebook helps you to stay focused and don’t forget things.
Blogger Notebook is a perfect companion when a mobile device is just not inspiring enough.

The book-block, featuring 56 pages, is made of uncoated white, high quality offset-paper, with a good weight of 120g/m (around 82lbs). You can write and scribble on it with close to every drawing tool you like. The cover is made of durable Kraft paper.

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In stock


​This book is specially designed with the need of bloggers in mind.

We talked to bloggers to understand what they really need. To our surprise, quite a lot try to keep the time behind the screen as low as possible. They use non dedicated journals, notebooks and sheets to keep track of their ideas and drafts, some even take voice notes to ensure nothing gets lost.

While that might work for some, we were sure that creating a grid that reduces the organization effort to a minimum could result in a great tool.
The Blogger Notebook reminds you kindly of stuff „not to forget“, keeps you organized, is always on and there for you (as every book is) to receive and store all your ideas and drafts. The design doesn‘t get in your way but supports you – and helps to get it done.
The attending three pages that follow give you enough space to scribble your draft and ideas, including an author column for details, corrections or insertion markers.


All our books are bound with the wonderful singer sewn binding (thread stitched binding). Sewn binding has many advantages both practically and stylistically. One of the main practical advantages is that the books open flat all the time. Also the pages are very secure because they have stitches down the centre.

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