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App Mockup Stationery Notebook


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Phone/Watch Grids with extended screen, use cases, thumbnail sketching & flowcharts.

We all love the idea of grids for paper based prototyping, but does it really have to be that sloppy? Single sheets get lost, you will likely meet with your client bringing crumpled paper and,  it simply doesn’t feel pro – sitting in your favorite hipster-pub with a pile of paper?

The book-block, featuring 56 pages, is made of uncoated white, high quality offset-paper, with a good weight of 120g/m (around 82lbs). You can write and scribble on it with close to every drawing tool you like. The cover is made of durable Kraft paper.

Check the gallery and read the full description below – get a book that is lovingly thought through, just what you need.

Delivery time: Europe: ~ 5-8 workdays | World: +5 workdays

In stock


Tired of handling single sheets of paper in self print quality? Does it really have to be that sloppy?

Check the gallery – get a book that is lovingly thought through, just what you need:

Smartphone/Smartwatch Mocks with
extended screen
space to define use cases
extremely cool thumbnail sketching & flowcharts

All our books are bound with the wonderful singer sewn binding (thread stitched binding). Sewn binding has many advantages both practically and stylistically. One of the main practical advantages is that the books open flat all the time. Also the pages are very secure because they have stitches down the center.

Take your prototyping for universal apps to the next level. With a real book – this App Mockup Stationery Notebook. You will love it.

Note: Updated version, new iPhone & Apple Watch sizes.

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Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 17 × 24 × 0.5 cm


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