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Planning, organizing, monitoring.

This book is a strong marketing tool.
Blueprints for developing new projects, ideas and/or
solving problems of existing products and services.

Book Specifications
» Height 9.4 inches (24cm) Width 6.6 inches (16,7cm)
Softcover bind
» KRAFT paper
» Visible singer sewn binding
» Book opens flat
» 56 pages of uncoated, white high quality offset-paper,
   weight of 120g/m (around 82lbs)

From start to final solution

Lovingly thought through, just what you need.
The main pages inlcude brainstorming, presumptions, SWOT analysis and more, followed by dedicated Project Management with To-Do Lists and Milestones.

Stop talking, i want this book
B-118_Projectmanagement Notebook_Stationery-Spread
B-118_Projectmanagement Notebook_Stationery-Elemts-to-file-it

Define your project in detail

Efficiency right from the start.
With a structured approach, you can deliver results.

Take the first step and define what you want to achieve.

B-118_Projectmanagement Notebook_Stationery-Steps-to-brainstorm

Identify your goals,
activities and resources

Gather central information.
Use this element to bring key issues or problems down to earth.
Again, highly structured – just fill it to start understanding your central questions.

Evaluate your project/idea

Develop full awareness of all factors.
Determine and define

» Strengths
Opportunities and

Great article by Mitchell Grant
A good starting point to read on –


Kick it off!

Signposts through the course of your project.
Milestones are powerful components to help you stay on track.

Write down the milestones that have been reached and use the to-do list to identify what is lagging behind.

B-118_Projectmanagement Notebook_Stationery-List-Making-and-Milestone-Tracking
B-118_Projectmanagement Notebook_Stationery-Spread

Project Triangle

Managing a project means working with the Triple Constraint.

These are the primary competing project constraints that you have to be aware of most. Any changes to any single point cause a change to the other points.

» Cost / Resource
» Schedule / Time
» Scope / Quality

With a look into the Entrepreneur Encyclopedia and

Product Development

Move your projects forward

Rules of highly successful Project Management

» Be agile
» Keep improving your project management practice
» Work with a sense of urgency
» Visualize all project deliverables and activities
» Complete deliverables’ step by step
» Never lose sight of the project triangle
» Ongoing planning

The success of your project boils down to planning.

Let us help you with the tool we use for that.

Now get me the book!

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