How did you feel today?


Trackers are one of the most popular items in a Bullet Journal. You can find tons of ideas, ideas, inspiration and variations in all shapes and sizes and for all conceivable purposes on the web.

The principle is simple: you can use a tracker to check your habits and the achievement of your goals. You can observe and record everything like your sleep, the amount you drink, your work, your sport, etc.

Today we are devoting ourselves to a very special variant, the

Mood Tracker

How does it work?

Your mood tracker basically consists of many different boxes or shapes, one for each day of the month. The design of your tracker is entirely up to you!
Then you assign a color to each mood you want to capture that represents that mood for you.

In the evening of each day you sit down and think about which of your moods prevailed on that day, what your basic mood was.

One day you may just be in a bad mood and that mood lasts all day, or the opposite happens and your good mood remains unencumbered by outside influences. Sometimes you are really productive or proud of what you or others have achieved.

No matter what prevails in the end, according to this mood you then paint the corresponding box with the corresponding color.

What exactly am I tracking?

A mood tracker is a very personal thing, as different things trigger different emotions in every person and therefore cannot be compared.

What exactly you want to list in your tracker is entirely up to you. You know best which moods come to mind most often or which you want to get under control.

Some terms are listed here as an example:

  • happy
  • balanced
  • satisfied
  • in love
  • productive
  • proud
  • motivated
  • grateful
  • quiet
  • restless
  • tired
  • annoyed
  • stressed out
  • sad
  • angry
  • ill
  • exhausted
  • indifferent

The possibilities are very diverse. It is ideal not to pursue too much at once and limit yourself to 4 or a maximum of 5 emotions at the beginning in order to get a good feeling for the whole.

Why a mood tracker?

The aim of a mood tracker should not only be to record your mood, but also to question and, if possible, even improve it.

You can really look back over the day and focus entirely on yourself. Really take the time to think the past 24 hours.

By coloring the boxes, you visualize your moods and make them more tangible. You can also see the whole month at a glance and recognize possible patterns and, at best, break out if they are negatively influenced. Dealing with your well-being on a daily basis can help to improve it significantly.

Ready to track your mood?

Start tracking your mood in our popular and beloved Dotted Notebook or if you don’t want to color in for a long time, use the ready-designed Mood Tracker in our Weekly Planner Notebook.