Writing affects your
happiness & well-being.

Putting your ideas and emotions on paper provides a sense of relief and clarity. Writing helps you to think, organize your thoughts, and to get important tasks done.

Writing relieves stress and anxiety

Writing helps you process your emotions and thoughts. Expressive writing helps you think critically and approach a situation with deeper understanding.

Writing enhances your communication skills

Journaling is written communication with you. You can ask and answer questions, give examples, justify and analyse your actions and it helps you articulate your ideas accurately and precisely.

Writing makes you more creative

Writing can make you happy because it encourages creativity. It enables you to explore new or hidden ideas and solutions, which optimizes your creative potential. As you write down your problems, your thoughts will work on possible solutions and you will find creative solutions that you have not considered before.

Writing increases self-awareness

Writing is a great way to express yourself and evaluate yourself. It enables you to honestly assess situations. In addition, objective writing increases optimism and personal responsibility. It gives you insight and encouragement.

As you can see:

Writing makes you happier

So, grab a pen and a notebook and start journaling toward happiness!