The Iron Triangle.
Time, Cost
& Quality.

The Project Management Triangle is also known as Iron Triangle or Triple Constraint and helps to illustrate that no project-related constraint is independent of the others.

Managing a project means working with the Triple Constraint.

Project Management Triangle

These are the primary competing project constraints that you have to be aware of most. Any changes to any single point cause a change to the other points.

» Cost / Resource – refers to the budget allocated to the project
» Schedule / Time – refers to the amount of time available to complete the project
» Scope / Quality – refers to what must be done to achieve successful project delivery

The constraints usually compete with each other and so one side of the triangle cannot be changed without automatically affecting the other two sides.

As a project manager, you have to assess how a tight budget can affect the other constraints and a cost bottleneck can mean that the project takes longer to complete or the scope needs to be reduced.

Move your projects forward

Rules of highly successful Project Management

» Be agile
» Keep improving your project management practice
» Work with a sense of urgency
» Visualize all project deliverables and activities
» Complete deliverables’ step by step
» Never lose sight of the project triangle
» Ongoing planning

The success of your project boils down to planning.

Let us help you with the tool we use for that – The Projectmanagement Notebook.