an effective way of
documenting & expressing.

Sketchnoting is a very fast and extremely effective method to visualize content.
It helps you to understand content better and also promotes your creativity. And it’s great fun too.

Our brain loves sketch notes

Did you know that we visually perceive around 83% of all impressions from outside. Our brain uses most of its perceptual capacities for visual recognition. We think in pictures. 65 pictures per second flicker over our inner „screen“ and every thought, also thoughts in words, is transformed into pictures in our head.

The effect of sketchnoting

The combination of this visual perception with texts leads in the second step to a double coding of the information in the brain (Dual Coding Theory). Sketch Notes use exactly this effect – it involves using our left brain, right brain and our hands to take notes.

When writing notes with your hands and drawing pictures about things, learning is faster and keeping this information is much higher than writing it down on a computer or writing text notes. Because we are more present at the moment, are paying more attention to things in front of us, synthesizing the information gathered and are then representing it on paper using text and sketches.

How to create awesome visual notes

Complex subject content can be simplified with the help of small images. Simple symbols and arrows help to link the thoughts, so that in the end there is a common thread. It is not a question of how others could interpret the notes, but the user himself decides how his sheet should look in the end.

You don’t need any artistic skills to start sketschnoting – it is important to deal with the content on a textual and visual level.

Paper can inspire

Choose the paper that will inspire you the most. Do you like the idea of starting a new notebook and filling it with sketchnotes? Then go find a nice one to start – our favorite sketchnote notebooks are the Memos Organization Notebook and the Dotted Stationery Notebook.