With the perfect tool:
The Skateboard Design Notebook.


Skateboard art is one of the coolest mediums for an artist. It’s constantly self-referential, plays with pop culture, and goes to places where many other art streets don’t.

Design your Custom Skateboard and Grip from scratch with our

Skateboard Design Notebook

  • Multiple setup pages to refer your designs to (street, park ,cruiser…)
  • Multiple grids (various classic shapes) to start drawing without caring about shapes
  • Custom guides for freeform shapes
  • Complete technical documentation from deck 2 trucks 2 wheels 2 accessoires

Have fun with it!

The book-block, featuring 56 pages, is made of uncoated white, high quality offset-paper, with a good weight of 120g/m (around 82lbs). You can write and scribble on it with close to every drawing tool you like. The cover is made of durable Kraft paper.

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own skateboard? Your dream will now come true with our Skateboard Design Notebook. Grap it!