Do it
with style

Look at this cheerful Collection! Thank you so much Katja for sharing those beautiful images of our Fashion Design Notebook.

If you’ve ever wanted to design fabulous fashion pieces but didn’t know where to start, there is a simple way you can get your creative energies flowing! Start with sketching in your NEW

Fashion Design Notebook

Wether you’re sketching key pieces or create a collection. Do it with style, in a real book – in our beloved Fashion Design Notebook.

Your portfolio should display your best work, and highlight your skills and creativity. Use a dedicated book to show that you take yourself seriously as a designer.

Use it for hand-drawn sketches, mood / concept pages and color or textile presentation.

This book features
female/male/kid mannequins
space for notes, color and textile samples
measurement charts and
symbol/pattern markings

This book is bound with the wonderful singer sewn binding (thread stitched binding). Sewn binding has many advantages both practically and stylistically. One of the main practical advantages is that the books open flat all the time. Also the pages are very secure because they have stitches down the centre.

Get a book that is lovingly thought through, just what you need.

Take your sketching to the next level. With a real book you can carry around – this Fashion Design Stationery Notebook. You will love it.