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Gifts, gifts
and even more gifts 🎁🎁

The first snow has fallen, and we are approaching Christmas in great strides. Do you already have all the gifts or your own wish list ready?

If not, then we have good news for you: today we’re going to show you some great gift ideas for those who like to organize, plan, be creative and like to design themselves.

Let’s be honest, we know at least one friend to whom one of these categories applies – maybe even all of them. For whom do you think a little structure and order could be good in the New Year? Maybe you would like to give yourself a present too.

The classic:
the Bulletjournal Notebook

Is there anyone alive who doesn’t get a kick out of ticking stuff off a list?

We love lists. There, we said it.
And it seems we’re not alone. People find information broken down into manageable snippets, much more appealing. In daily life, to do lists and shopping lists make us more organized, more efficient.

Lists are easy to scan for information… and we always know how much is left.

Family organization:
the Family Notebook

Parenting is fulfilling. And hard. Sometimes.

Keep track of your family business with a family organization notebook:
To-dos, school, focus support, calls & e-mails, appointments, meals, fitness & health and whatnot.

The book offers space for long-term goals, some planning ahead (there’s always another week!) and nice to have’s.

We constructed it as weekly calendar, but it’s perpetual – you can start with the book during the year as it doesn’t feature pre-printed dates!

Everything for a whole year:
Calendar 2021

52 weeks on paper – a year in a book. Your calendar 2021. 

Our idea of a smart calendar that combines diary and lifetracker elements. We have created a structure that supports you in your life without restricting you.

Your structure
Everything you need to get organized: a to-do list for the most important tasks and a section for things to do that you should not forget this week. You will also have plenty of room for further notes and drawings. Of course, the classic calendar elements are not missing – for your appointments, experiences, tasks.

Your Lifetracker
Forming new habits is not easy. It takes at least a month for a habit to become part of your life. In order that you don’t lose the overview, the chronicle designed by us is a support not to lose sight of your plans.
You note how your week goes in the barometer. So you can refer to it for later reflection.

For list junkies:
A list for that (magnetic pad)

Let’s cross this one off your list!

  • Features 50 sheets, each with 18 checkboxes.
  • Dimensions 22 × 11 × 1 cm
  • With a magnetic backing, it can be stuck on your refrigerator at the hub of your home, or any other surface that holds magnets.
  • The high-quality paper sheets combined with the handy size will make sure you never miss a task or forget an item.
  • If you need more than one list, just peel it off and pin it right next to the block.
  • Unlike cheaply-made to-do lists that fall apart after a few days, our notepad is sturdy enough to endure rough treatment.
  • No unicorns, no cats, just a perfectly designed list to work with.
  • You don’t have to settle for cheaply-made and flimsy to-do lists, plan all your tasks, chores and events in style!

If you haven’t found enough inspiration here, then you are sure to find the perfect gift HERE. 🎅

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