is absolutely trendy.

Despite the many advantages of digital communication, a rediscovery of the writing culture is emerging.

Writing by hand leads to better and more creative texts

The choice of our writing instrument influences how we think. Researchers suspect that when we move arms and hands while writing on paper, this stimulates regions of the brain that are also responsible for speaking and thinking.

The simultaneity of thinking and movement activates the left and right hemispheres of the brain. For this reason, handwritten texts have more complex sentence structures and are more creative.

Handwritten means a haptic experience

Bringing lines, circles and curves to paper requires fine motor skills. We feel the pen and paper just as we feel the movement of our body while writing. These individual gestures connect us more closely to the real world than when we tap on a display.

Write by hand for greater concentration

Handwriting leads to more ideas because we need to concentrate better. Errors cannot be corrected so easily. So you have to think carefully in advance what you want to write and how.

Writing as a sensual experience

With a writing instrument we have something tangible in hand. This is how abstract thoughts become tangible and take concrete shape. Because we physically feel the writing by hand more intensely, the writing is also more firmly anchored in our person and has a personal meaning. Writing by hand is therefore also a sensual experience and expression of our personality, which gives us more creative texts and thoughts.

Handwriting boosts your creativity

Choose the paper that will inspire you the most. Do you like the idea of starting a new notebook and filling it with your creative ideas? Then go find a nice notebook to start!