Getting thoughts organized
& everyday life structured.

Do you put off tasks forever? Are you sinking into the chaos of unfinished business?

Then we have a simple but very effective tool that will turn you into an efficiency machine: the to-do list.

To-do lists

To-do lists help us to organize our thoughts. They clear our mind and make us feel like we haven’t forgotten anything.

They show us whether an item on the list is important to us or not and also structure our everyday life.

To-do lists help us to remember what we otherwise forget and make us feel good when we have done everything.

Simplicity wins

To-do lists are simple tools for self-organization. The easier you keep your to-do list, the easier it is for you to keep track of things.

Write down clear tasks and instructions that you can tick off in sequence and avoid overloading your list with countless small tasks. If your list is too full, it will only demotivate you.

The same goes for categories, urgencies, and priorities: only use as many distinctions as necessary. Sometimes two categories (private, business) and two urgencies (today, later) are enough.

Revise daily

It is important that you review the list over and over again. Whether you revise your list in the morning or in the evening is of course up to you. Make sure that your to-do list is up to date and, if necessary, tick off tasks that you did during the day. The revision also serves to constantly optimize your to-do list.

It is best to buy a notebook – on the one hand, the individual pieces of paper don’t fly around and on the other hand, you keep your to-do list with you all the time.

Do you like the idea of making a To-do list? Then get started with our beloved Bullet Journal Notebook  or our Memos Organization Notebook.