52 weeks
waiting for your deeds.

Be the change you want in this world for yourself. – Mahatma Gandhi

What would you like to change this year, what goals have you set yourself, which dreams should come true?

Whatever your requirements for the New Year are, you can achieve anything with your perfect companion – our Calendar 2021!

Calendar 2021

A structure that
supports you, every single day.

Lovingly thought trough, everything you need.
In addition to the classic elements of an annual calendar, we included elements to organize, establish habits and also to reflect.

120 pages of perfectly writable, high-quality offset paper for writing, sketching or drawing your life.

52 weeks on paper.
Your year in a book.

A book that supports your daily routine and planning.
It combines a working, feature-rich calendar with
meaningful diary and life tracker elements.

Book Specifications
Β» Height 9.4 inches (24cm) Width 6.6 inches (16,7cm)
Softcover bind
Β» KRAFT paper
Β» Visible singer sewn binding
Β» Book opens flat
Β» 120 pages of uncoated, white high quality offset-paper,
weight of 120g/m (around 82lbs)