52 weeks on paper.
Your year in a book.

A book that supports your daily routine and planning.
It combines a working, feature-rich calendar with
meaningful diary and life tracker elements.

Book Specifications
» Height 9.4 inches (24cm) Width 6.6 inches (16,7cm)
Softcover bind
» KRAFT paper
» Visible singer sewn binding
» Book opens flat
» 120 pages of uncoated, white high quality offset-paper,
   weight of 120g/m (around 82lbs)


A structure that
supports you, every single day.

Lovingly thought trough, everything you need.
In addition to the classic elements of an annual calender, we included elements to organize, establish habits and also to reflect.

120 pages of perfectly writable, high-quality offset paper for writing, sketching or drawing your life.

Stop talking, i want this book

Your productivity

A to-do list to get your stuff done.
Keep track of your mandatories and not-to-forget items.

Beautiful in its simplicity: work out what needs to be done, write down the tasks, do them, and then, one-by-one, cross them out.


Space for
doodles & tracking

How do you take notes?
Writing, scribbling, sketching, drawing… doesn’t matter. You have plenty of room for whatever type you prefer.

Create your perfect routine
Keep track of your habits, keep an eye on your goals – and compare with previous weeks.


Space for
documenting, expressing & tracking

How do you take notes?
Writing, scribbling, sketching, drawing… doesn’t matter. You have plenty of room for whatever type you prefer.

Create your perfect routine
Now you can finally keep track of your habits and keep an eye on your goals.

The whole week
at a glance

Weekly calendar
No pre-drawn lines or squares – don’t let yourself be restricted.

Dots are the only way to plan your day and week the way you like it. Simple and clear, to keep overview and nothing gets lost.

Check out
Sujan Patel’s article:
20 ways to make your weeks much more productive


The icing on the cake.

More than a note
In addition to the most common question in the world: “What’s the weather like?”
this basically is your mood meter.

☀️ ecstatic, blissful, balanced, carefree,…
☁️ thoughful, mellow, fatigued,…
⚡ inspired, motivated, proud, optimistic,…


A year turns into moments

Starting a calendar doesn’t just mean that you are using a practical tool to keep track of your events, meetings and appointments. It’s much more special, goes much deeper, and is very personal.

An annual calendar captures all your important moments – everyday activities, celebrations, anniversaries, people you meet as well as your dreams and goals – supports you in your life and is always by your side.

Your companion all year round

A book that supports you every day.

Your structure

to-do list for the most important tasks and a section for things to do that you should not forget
plenty of room for further notes and drawings
classic calendar elements for your appointments, experiences, tasks

Your Lifetracker

designed chronicle for forming or tracking habits
barometer / mood meter for later reflection  

Take your New Year in your hands!

Now get me the book!

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