The best way
to organize your

There are all kinds of productivity hacks out there – from a well-structured, high energy morning routine to the famous Pomodoro technique, the list can go on an on but no method is comparable to the productivity hack when creating a to-do list. There is something powerful when we write what we have to do on a piece of paper.

We’ll tell you how your to-do list works best for you.

1. Do not keep one but three to-do lists.

Master list: All to-dos that are to be dealt with in the foreseeable future are noted here. It doesn’t matter how small or unimportant the task appears at the moment. Also write down a due date.
Weekly list: All tasks that should be completed in a certain week go to this list.
Daily list: What is on the program today? Exactly! These tasks are part of the daily list.

2. Plan the next day in the evening

If possible, plan the daily list for the following day in the evening. This has the advantage that you can conclude the day mentally, create space for free time and start your tasks the next day without much thought.

3. Formulate your tasks in concrete terms

Make the effort to formulate your tasks in a very concrete way. What often seems logical to us today like “writing an email” often looks a little different the next day. With the specific wording “E-Mail to There’s a book for that writing” you know straight away what to do and don’t waste any time thinking about it again.

4. Plan a small buffer

We cannot always evaluate all tasks perfectly. So plan a little more time when you organize your tasks than you think is necessary. So you are on the safe side to do all the tasks.

5. Break your goal down into actionable/measurable steps

If you want to start a larger project, think about all the small steps that will lead you to the goal. Write down these actionable steps as tasks on your daily list. This method decreases the intimidation factor of big projects and crossing out each task will give you an additional boost.

6. Celebrate your success

Each time you complete a task, you feel great. So look at the list again in the evening. Have you done everything as planned – then appreciate this fact. This gives you additional power and motivation for all the following to-dos

7. Try the 1-3-5 rule

Clear priorities are always important and this rule is a real marvel when it comes to productivity. You organize your tasks according to the following rule.
The “1” stands for a task with the absolutely most important priority.
The “3” stands for a medium priority. Here are 3 more tasks that you need to do today, but completing them is not as important as the first task.
Finally, there is the “5” with the lowest priority. Here really only come in the 5 tasks that have to be done at some point in the day and that they can do well in time

8. Always place your to-do list visible and within reach

What use do you get from a wonderful and detailed task list when it is in the drawer, dives into a backpack or sticks wonderfully on the mirror and goes on a journey with the next breeze. All to-do lists belong in one place – collected, visible and always with you.

Do you like the idea of writing things down, organizing yourself and pushing things a little by crossing things out? Start creating your to-do list! Our beloved  Bullet Journal Notebook  or our magnetic to-do list A LIST FOR THAT will support you best.