A list for that.
Magnetic To-Do list

Finally a sleek To-Do list.
50 sheets, each with 18 checkboxes.
Dimensions 22 × 11 × 1 cm
Keep it on your desk, next to yur keyboard
or, with magnetic backing, pin it to any surface that holds magnets.

Thought through.

» High-quality paper sheets combined with handy size
» If you need more than one list, just peel it off
» Unlike cheaply-made pads that fall apart, our notepad is sturdy
» No unicorns, no cats, just a perfectly designed list
» Perfect for To-Do Lists, Wishlists, Errands and Life Organization

get it!


Wonderful article by Shana Lebowitz
The problem is that even those of us who believe fervently in the power of to-do lists might not know how to make a successful one.
How to Actually Get Sh!t Done With a To-Do List

Victor Cheng’s insights
The late Steve Jobs said focus isn’t deciding what to do, it is deciding what not to do.
How Your To-Do List Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Sandeep Kashyap on
Follow the 1–3–5 rule
How to Manage Your To-Do List When You’re Always in Meetings

The effect of scratching tasks off

We’ve tried all sorts of digital versions of to-do lists, but there is something about scratching tasks off a physical list that makes you happy.

You know it, it’s incredibly rewarding. You just have to grab a piece of paper to write down all the tasks that you have planned for the day and every time you finish a task — just scratch it off the list and reward yourself with something good.

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