52 weeks on paper
– a year in a book.

Our idea of a smart calendar that combines diary and lifetracker elements. We have created a structure that supports you in your life without restricting you.

Your calendar 2021. 


Your structure

Everything you need to get organized: a to-do list for the most important tasks and a section for things to do that you should not forget this week. You will also have plenty of room for further notes and drawings. Of course, the classic calendar elements are not missing – for your appointments, experiences, tasks.

Your Lifetracker

Forming new habits is not easy. It takes at least a month for a habit to become part of your life. In order that you don’t lose the overview, the chronicle designed by us is a support not to lose sight of your plans.
You note how your week goes in the barometer. So you can refer to it for later reflection.

120 pages high-quality offset paper

The 120 pages of the notebook are made of perfectly writable, high-quality offset paper. At 120 g/m, we have chosen a paper quality that ensures that you can write, scribble, sketch and draw with any pen.

Kraft paper cover

The cover is made of durable kraft paper that has a pleasantly soft feel.

Singer sewn binding

All books are bound with the wonderful singer sewn binding (thread stitched binding). This offers the unbeatable advantage that they lie absolutely flat and do not close at random. The binding does not break even when the book is folded. The core remains stable and does not dissolve.

Take your “2021” to the next level. You will love it.