Dutch Door

Do you know what a Dutch Door is?

Our Weekly Planner Notebook is perfectly prepared for that technique – to keep your important Info from one side to the next.

Dutch Doors are spreads, where some pages have been cut down, so the top half can open independently of the bottom half. Dutch Doors are a big trend in bullet journaling.

Dutch Doors are a very cool concept for your bullet journal because they give you more paper space within your spreads.


Are you wondering what all of this has to do with Holland (Dutch)?

Indeed, in the Netherlands there are often doors where it is possible to only open the upper half while the lower half remains closed. And that’s exactly how the Dutch Door in the Bullet Journal is structured!


Dutch Doors are particularly popular for weekly overviews. If there is a lot going on in a week and you therefore need a lot of space for planning or for tracking your habits or tasks, Dutch Doors make a lot of sense and the space of your double page is no longer limited ;-).


You cut off part of the page so that the pages behind or in front of it remain partially visible. So making a Dutch Door is actually quite simple – you’ll need: