Evaluate your project/idea.
Develop full awareness
of all factors

With the

SWOT analysis.

The SWOT analysis is a wonderful method to take stock of your project.

This method is used to

  • develop your Strengths
  • minimize your Weaknesses
  • seize Opportunities
  • identify Threats.

The result is a clear overall picture of the current state. This is really fantastic in management presentations from which measures can be derived.

The structure

A 4-field matrix is ​​created for the SWOT analysis:

S-TRENGTH: What are our strengths?
This is about the strengths: What are we good at? What distinguishes us? In which areas do we have no problems? Where are we better than the others?

W-EAKNESS: What are our weaknesses?
In return, of course, we also take the weaknesses into account: What are we not good at? Where are others better? Where do problems always occur?

The strengths and weaknesses are also referred to as internal factors, that can be directly influenced by the project or organization.

O-PPORTUNITIES: What opportunities exist?
The options only list factors that are external and therefore cannot be influenced directly. Examples: Which trends could we benefit from? Which economic or demographic developments help us?

T-HREATS: What threats are lurking?
External factors also include threats. Examples: What developments could cause us problems? Which trends could harm us? What restrictions can be expected in the future?

Define measures

Now that all of these factors have been recorded, it is important to consider their interactions in such a way that suitable measures can be defined:

  • How can we use our strengths to benefit from the opportunities?
  • How can we use our strengths to protect ourselves from risks?
  • How can we overcome our weaknesses by taking chances?
  • How can we minimize risks and overcome weaknesses at the same time?

From Start to final solution

At the beginning of each project, there is a lot of information going on, so it’s time to sort it out.

Our magic weapon the projectmanagement notebook is your perfect companion, your common thread from the start to the final solution.

Lovingly thought out, exactly what you need: The main pages contain brainstorming, guesswork, SWOT analysis and more, followed by special project management with task lists and milestones.