Tape in Envelope

Your favorite notebook doesn’t have an inside pocket for notes and scrapes of paper?

Then add one yourself.

We love this idea because it gives you extra space!

Just tape in an envelope and place anything in there your heart desires.

why handwritten notes are so popular?

Clearly: Smartphones, tablets and computers can do more than notebooks. Digital functions like reminders offer an efficient alternative to pencil and paper.
Nevertheless, classic notebooks are more popular than ever – and rightly so. Paper not only feels good in the hand, handwriting also stimulate a different part of the brain than writing on a computer.

We can better remember things that can be felt

How often has it happened to you that you have saved your data digitally and appointments etc. suddenly disappeared?

In a personal paper weekly / yearly planner you can write down all the important information without worrying about it being deleted.
The best protection against digital errors is called paper and pen.

Successful people make notes

A notebook is a great way to jot down ideas as soon as they come to mind. And even better: You can also add a marker or a scribble to this note. This may seem unprofessional – but only at first glance, doodles increase memory performance and also help you to remember things better.

A completely new notebook makes the hearts of tidiness lovers beat faster. Notes, to-dos, dates and appointments are just waiting to be entered on the already designed content pages of our notebooks.

Do you like the idea of starting a new notebook? Then go find a nice one to start – our favorite notebooks are the Memos Organization Notebook and the Bulletjournal Notebook.