Working with Fashion Design Notebook

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This article refers to the former version of the book covers, but, dont let it fool you! The content pages didn’t change.

To our new fashiondesign notebook

Designers, Stylists,
we got you covered.

The fashion design notebook

You love to sketch down your own clothing ideas, collect fashion photography and mood boards in your own “fashion sketchbook”?

You are looking for a notebook which helps you keeping your ideas not only organized, but also offers a grid so you do not forget any important information you would like to add?

Search no more.

We designed just the right notebook for your fashion-loving needs you will adore!

Our fashion design notebook offers a variety of ways to sketch, collect and write down all your creative ideas which are coming to your mind fashion-wise! With its special grid, it will be a reminder for you to not forget the details of your fashion ideas.

Working with Fashion Design Notebook

On to the important stuff now.

As it basically is a sketch- and notebook for fashion designers, the main pages are the most important thing, and there should be, and is, enough space for them in our book. Let’s have a look.

Working with Fashion Design Notebook

We prepared

a special grid for your needs:
You can name your collection, fill in the date, what kind of pieces you created, the season it is meant for, where you got your inspiration from and what the main colours are.

This grid should help you to not forget anything important.

Working with Fashion Design Notebook

Figure templates

And for sure, we included figure templates so you can really just focus on your design and do not have to struggle with anatomy or poses. It is targeted for quick sketching – so if the idea strikes you on the go, you are able to put it down on paper IMMEDIATELY! The figurines are printed in a very light colour, so if you decide to change the pose somehow you just can do so, as the light stroke will not disturb your designs at all. If you want to turn your sketch into a complete art you can do that with whatever materials you like to. The paper can even handle watercolour paint!

Working with Fashion Design Notebook

It is all up to you.

It’s never a MUST but always a CAN to fill out those charts and pages.
If you would like to just draw on those pages: DO IT.
If you would like to make a mood board and glue in things from your beloved fashion magazines: DO IT.
You can pin things over the text areas if you wish to. You can draw over the whole page. You can just write on the pages.

You are always free to break it

when your creativity needs it!

We hope you will enjoy your experience with the Fashiondesign Notebook.

We would like to hear from you:
What do you think about this book? Do you like how it works and what is included? Is there anything important missing in your opinion? Let us know as comment right below this blogpost or send us an email to


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