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Notebooks to structure and organize
your work, life and passion.

We provide the grid so you can
focus on what really matters: content.

Lovingly crafted & thought through.
There’s a book for that.

Why another notebook?

​While there is no shortage of notebooks in every color, size and material imaginable, most of them ignore the content pages, the stationary.

We came up with the idea to design and kinda predefine the “grid” for you – fitting your needs – perfectly thought through.

We’re working with professionals of the given fields to ensure to include the stuff that really matters – to get each book as unique as the tasks are. We designed the structure so you can focus on what really matters – the content, your content.

There’s a book for that?

Custom notebooks – when we came up with our concept, we always wanted to deliver a real carefully thought through product. We didn’t want you to bend to work with it, and we strictly designed it with usage in mind.

We are convinced that each book is ready to use just open it & get the support you always needed.

Besides, they are lovingly designed. You will love it.

Blog. New & improved books.
Sweepstakes & Contests.

Writing and sketching,

  •  enables you to seperate concept from details
  •  helps you untangle the messiness and concentrate on the big picture
  •  makes you think more deeply, seeing things more clearly

  •  is the best way to organize your thoughts

  •  is way faster than handling an app, face it.

Only a real book, made of paper,

  • provides the haptic that you just can’t re-create on a smartphone or tablet

  • promotes interactivity and communication because you can feel it

  • supports you to capture as many thoughts as possible, while…

  • …spending as little time as possible organizing them.

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